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During World War II, in a secret Nazi submarine base, containers crafted entirely from looted wartime gold were hidden away. The treasure was not the solid gold chests, but the cargo they carriedan artifact so lethal that whoever possessed “Pandora’s boxes” held the power to unleash hell upon the Earth…

In the unforgiving wastes of Greenland, geologist Philip Mercer uncovers a long-abandoned U.S. Army base buried under the iceand a long-dead body still hot with radiation. But before Mercer and his colleague, the seductive Dr. Anika Klein, can investigate further, a flash fire engulfs the base. Ordered to evacuate, their plane is forced to land when a bomb is discovered on board, and they must seek shelter from the murderous weather in a hidden ice cavern.

That’s where they learn the startling truth. A powerful German corporation has launched an operation to destroy evidence of its Nazi past. But one of the corporate mercenaries knows what’s inside the Pandora’s boxes, and he plans to hold the entire world hostageunless Mercer can find a way to stop him…


"A rare treat--a thriller that blends some of modern history's most vexing enigmas with a hostile, perfectly-realized setting. This is one thriller that really delivers: great characters combined with a breakneck pace and almost unbearable suspense."—Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, co-authors of The Ice Limit and Relic

“Mercer [is] a combination of Dirk Pitt and James Bond.”—Sunday Oklahoman

“Combining plenty of thrills and a touch of romance, Du Brul’s action-packed contemporary adventure zips along like an out-of-control locomotive.…A well-researched foundation of facts and details grounds the reader in this frosty setting.…Mercer’s love interest, Dr. Anika Klein, is his fitting counterpart and a strong heroine, and their romance adds a degree of warmth to this swift, sensational tale. Those who enjoy a good adrenaline rush will find plenty here to satisfy.”—

Publishers Weekly


“Have you been casually looking for a new thriller writer in the tradition of Clive Cussler? Would the idea of a touch of Jack Higgins intrigue you? Do you like your reading to move quickly, have a grant plot, and the good guy gets the girl? Browse no more! Jack Du Brul is here....Pandora’s Curse hits all the buttons. Read it and run to your favorite bookstore for the others.…A dandy read.”—News & Citizen (Morrisville, VT)


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